Welcome to the RNGNeeds Changelog page. Here, you'll find a detailed history of updates and improvements made to the plugin. Our documentation currently matches the latest version available on the Asset Store. Once a new version is approved by the Asset Store, we'll promptly update the documentation to reflect those changes.

What does Beta mean for RNGNeeds?

RNGNeeds will remain in a Beta version for a short period following its release. All features planned for the v1 release have already been implemented and tested. However, as the plugin undergoes further real-world testing, certain aspects of feature usage or the API may undergo changes or optimizations.

0.9.3 (Beta) Released 12 Sept 2023

  • [NEW] Informative Section Buttons: Introducing a new mode for drawer section buttons that displays selected themes, stripe options, and pick count information directly inside the button. This enhancement improves the readability of Probability List settings without the need to expand the sections.
  • The "Maintain Pick Count" toggle has been relocated to the Basic drawer options level. As a result, this button will now be visible without the need to switch to the Advanced level.
  • [New] ProbabilityList Convenience Methods:
    • .SetAllItemsEnabled(bool enabled) - This method allows you to set the enabled state for all items within the ProbabilityList at once.
    • .SetAllItemsLocked(bool locked) - Use this method to set the locked state for all items in the ProbabilityList simultaneously.

0.9.2 (Beta) Released 23 Aug 2023

  • Welcome Window - We've added a Welcome window that pops up post-installation. It provides handy links to our documentation, a getting started guide, instructions for importing samples, and a direct shortcut to the RNGNeeds preferences window.
  • Method Summaries - Enhanced clarity in the summaries for the `PickValues` method and its overloads. It's now evident that these methods return a reference to a shared list.

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed an issue where the "Keep Seed" feature wasn't working correctly with variable pick counts.
  • Fixed a problem where adding items to large lists would result in items having a 0% probability.

0.9.1 (Beta) Released 07 Aug 2023

  • AddItem method and its overloads now return the newly created ProbabilityItem. This allows modifying the item’s properties right after adding it to the list, without the need to manually retrieve it.
  • Default Editor Log Level will now show Warning messages as well. This will be the default behavior during Beta, and will be reverted back to Info & Hints later on. This change only applies to the default settings. You can always change your current log level in the preferences.
  • Introduced an editor warning message when inspecting a ProbabilityList handling non-serializable custom types.
  • Updated method summaries for Repeat Prevention methods.


  • Updated ProbabilityItem Constructor - We've made some improvements to the ProbabilityItem constructor to enhance clarity and make the process of creating items more intentional. The parameters T value and float baseProbability are no longer optional, ensuring that each item is explicitly initialized with a value and a base probability. By removing the option to create empty items or items with 0% probability, we aim to increase transparency within ProbabilityList and reduce any ambiguity associated with its behavior. This change enables developers to have a clearer understanding of their probability distributions, promoting a more predictable and organized approach when using ProbabilityList.
  • The methods SetItemProbability and AdjustItemProbability have been renamed to SetItemBaseProbability and AdjustItemBaseProbability, respectively. This change clarifies the distinction between the unaltered "base" probability and the adjusted probability, ensuring a more intuitive and accurate representation for users when designing lists.

0.9.0 (Beta)

Initial release of RNGNeeds.