Documentation Overview

Welcome to the Documentation section of RNGNeeds! This space is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the plugin's features and how to use them effectively in your projects.

Here, we dive into the details of RNGNeeds, exploring the underlying concepts and explaining the finer points of its functionality. The Documentation is divided into several key areas, each dedicated to a specific aspect of RNGNeeds:

  • Terminology - Get acquainted with the terms and concepts used in RNGNeeds. A solid understanding of these will make it easier to navigate the rest of the Documentation and the plugin itself.
  • Designing a List - Learn how to create and manage Probability Lists, the heart of RNGNeeds' functionality.
  • Selecting Values - Understand the different methods of selection available in RNGNeeds and how to use them effectively.
  • Depletable Lists - Explore how to use Depletable Lists to manage item availability and ensure unique selections within your projects.
  • Repeat Prevention - Find out how RNGNeeds helps you avoid consecutive repetitions of the same item in a Probability List.
  • Probability Influence - Discover how to dynamically modify probabilities based on external factors using the RNGNeeds' Influence Provider.
  • Testing Outcomes - Learn how to test the outcome of your settings in the Inspector and evaluate variations.
  • Seeding Options - Explore the options for seeding in RNGNeeds or learn how to use your own Seed Provider.
  • Pick History - Understand how RNGNeeds tracks previous item picks for each list and how to use history to mimic deterministic probability behavior.
  • Nesting Lists - Discover the advantages of nesting multiple Probability Lists within other collections to enhance organization and functionality.
  • Customizing Lists - Dive into the customization options available for Probability Lists, including visual customizations and functional tweaks.

Remember, if you have any questions or encounter any issues, you can always reach out to us through the Support section. We're here to help. Happy developing!