Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ section of RNGNeeds documentation. This space is dedicated to addressing the most common questions and concerns related to the usage and functionality of the RNGNeeds plugin. While we've provided a set of initial questions and answers based on our understanding of potential inquiries, we understand that this is just the beginning. As we gather real user questions and feedback, this section will be regularly updated to reflect the evolving needs of our user base.

How do I install RNGNeeds?

RNGNeeds is installed as a Package through Unity's Asset Store. Please visit our Getting Started section and follow the installation guide.

Does RNGNeeds work with my version of Unity?

RNGNeeds is developed in Unity 2020 LTS and tested up to Unity 6. Minimum Unity version is 2020.2.

Are there samples included with RNGNeeds?

Yes, RNGNeeds includes a collection of demo scenes and samples to help you get started. These samples demonstrate various applications of the plugin, providing a hands-on way to explore its features. You can find an import guide on our Samples Overview page.

Can I use RNGNeeds with my custom objects?

Absolutely! RNGNeeds is engineered to function seamlessly with any value or reference type, whether it's a part of Unity's suite or your custom serializable class. It doesn't matter if it's an int, Vector3, GameObject, Enum, AnimationCurve, LayerMask, or your 'Monster' Scriptable Object, - you can craft a ProbabilityList<OfAnyType> with ease.

Where can I find the plugin settings?

RNGNeeds houses its settings within the Editor Preferences panel. To discover how to locate this, refer to the Preferences section in our User Guide.

How can I dynamically influence the odds of a particular outcome?

RNGNeeds introduces the concept of Probability Influence Providers. With them, you can design rules to dynamically modify probabilities based on external factors. Please visit our Probability Influence section of Documentation to learn more.

How can I select distinct values only?

To select unique values, please follow the method outlined in this guide, utilizing the Depletable Lists feature of RNGNeeds.

Can I prevent the same item from being selected consecutively?

Yes, RNGNeeds offers multiple Repeat Prevention Techniques that limit or eliminate repeated picks. Please visit our Repeat Prevention section of Documentation to learn more.

Can I nest multiple Probability Lists?

Certainly! However, please note that nesting a ProbabilityList within a generic List or Array may not be fully supported in the editor and can potentially cause repaint issues. To conveniently handle nested lists, we recommend using our special class PLCollection<T>. For more information on how to effectively nest Probability Lists, please refer to the Nesting Lists section in our Documentation.

Why don't my scripts compile after following the guides?

In our documentation, we sometimes omit namespaces in code snippets to keep things concise. If you're facing compilation issues, ensure you've added the necessary namespace. Simply include using RNGNeeds; at the beginning of your script to resolve any related issues.

What does Beta mean for RNGNeeds?

RNGNeeds will remain in a Beta version for a short period following its release. All features planned for the v1 release have already been implemented and tested. However, as the plugin undergoes further real-world testing, certain aspects of feature usage or the API may undergo changes or optimizations.

What kind of support is available if I run into issues?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you're having difficulties, please visit our Support to find receive guidance and options to get in touch.

How can I suggest improvements or new features for RNGNeeds?

We welcome your feedback and suggestions! Feel free to share them with us via email or on our Discord server. We're always looking for ways to make RNGNeeds even better!